If you’ve tried a prepaid carrier like Boost and you’re happy, the one thing left to potentially frustrate you might be recharges. Well, Boost are jumping on the “pay further in advance” bandwagon and introducing new “Bulk Buy” options for 6 and 12 month connectivity.

The new long term plans come at the same time as Boost also add new data allowances to their regular plans.

You can now get up to 55GB on their $50 plan, though it should be noted 15GB of that is only available for the first five recharges and it reverts to 40GB after that – but by then they’ll have more new plans probably:)

It’s the bulk buy options that are most compelling – you’ve found you like what they offer, so pay in advance and benefit.

Pay $300 and you get 240GB of data to use over 12 months

“We know that data and keeping in touch whether on a beach or at a music festival, is more important than ever to young Aussies when they’re choosing their mobilenetwork. So we’ve set about developing plans with our customers’ top of mind, providing them with the perfect balance; more data, more speed, and a great network,”

“Boost Mobile operates on Telstra’s mobile network which has more than one million square kilometres of coverage than its competitors. There is simply no better choice for consumers that want to stay in touch while travelling around our great country,” said Jason Haynes, General Manager, Boost Mobile

“The option for customers to bulk buy with our new plans, means customers can set and forget, and be rewarded with increased value without having to worry about recharging and have more time to do the things they love. The Boost team are super excited to be launching these awesome new offers that will benefit both our new and existing customer on every recharge. We want to make sure we constantly offer more compelling choices for young Aussies when it comes to mobile plans”, he added. 

The offers are available now, just in line with the start of the 2019 Supercars championship which features the all new Boost Mobile Racing team with two cars on the grid all year operated by Garry Rogers Motorsport.