As part of a new initiative and move into a more accessible streaming space, Optus will be streaming a select few Champions League and Europa League matches to the masses through YouTube & Twitter. The initiative will see 10 games streamed between February and April, starting with the Tottenham v Dortmund match on the 14th of February at 7am AEDT.

An interesting move for the telecommunications monolith that will hopefully prove to be a successful one. Olly Wilton, Twitter Australia Head of Sports Partnerships says that “Football is one of the biggest drivers of conversation on Twitter in Australia, so we’re excited to collaborate with Optus Sport to bring these live matches … to Twitter

Off the back of the World Cup drama, naturally the fans are skeptical of Optus streaming but that’s the beauty of using an established platform such as YouTube or Twitter – they’re known for successfully handling these huge events.

The games being streamed on the Optus Sport YouTube channel include;

  1. Tottenham v Dortmund 14 February 7am AEDT
  2. Real Madrid v Ajax March 6 7am AEDT
  3. One game 10/11 April*
  4. One game 17/18 April*

And on the Optus Sport Twitter page:

  1. Malmo v Chelsea 15 February 7am AEDT
  2. Valencia v Celtic 22 February 4.55am AEDT
  3. One game 8 March*
  4. One game 15 March*
  5. One Game 12 April*
  6. One Game 19 April*

*Games and times to be announced post draw