That’s right – yet another instance of old becoming new again. However unlike vinyl records and 60’s hairstyles, these chairs don’t just seem to be a product of Newtown hipsters.

eBay sales data is showing that rocking chairs have seen a 167% spike in sales for the month of January. Now while we don’t know how many they were selling in December, that sort of increase is just phenomenal. But who’s buying these relics? Hell… who’s making them?

The suggestion from eBay is that the increase is due to recent claims that rocking chairs assist those suffering anxiety and sleeping disorders… The gentle rocking motion induces an endorphin release that reduces stress as well as improving balance and focus. Maybe nan was onto something…

Disclaimer: The only sources I found on this quote studies ‘suggesting’ it’s the case, but hey it makes sense to me.

Look I’m not here to criticize the scientists or to bag the punters picking themselves up a rocking chair, but I’m not sure we’ll convince the boss to buy one anytime soon. However if you’re so inclined, are having a 20% sale on home, garden and outdoor items from the 12th -21st of February using the discount code PORCH.