It’s easy to bag Tesla and from time to time we have certainly done that. But when platitudes need to be dished out, we do exactly that. Tesla has once again released a new software update, not too long after Version 9.0 was released that you can read about here. The software is being rolled out in the US first followed by a staggered global roll-out. 

The highlight of the most recent update was turning the front-facing camera into a Dashcam. At the time we wondered why on earth they also didn’t allow recording from the various other cameras around the car. Well BOOM! That’s been fixed, at least for the car’s side cameras. This overcomes what was actually a very narrow field of vision camera. Uniden for example sell a Dashcam that provides up to 150 degrees of forward-facing footage. This new update would surely cover the most amount of action around your car when compared to all other Dashcams. The only thing missing is rear facing recording – which will probably happen with the next update.

Another new feature called Sentry Mode continuously monitors the car while it’s locked. If it detects a threat it will “respond accordingly”. Using the cameras it will suss out a potential threat and activate “Alert” mode, displaying a warning message on the massive touchscreen. Someone simply leaning on the car will set that off. But if the you know what hits the fan and a window is smashed the Tesla will respond by playing music from the sound system at full volume and activate the cars alarm system. 

A Dog Mode keeps your dog at a comfortable temperature in the car while also leaving a message on the screen for concerned passing people that all is well, and you’ll be back in a tick. Here’s a quick look at that.

Very creative stuff indeed, well done Tesla.