The March instalment of the ‘Inside Xbox’ series took place yesterday where a few little things were announced – some shaking up the community for the better.

Firstly and most importantly to our audience, as of April 4, Minecraft will join Xbox Game Pass! For those that have no idea what any of that means, Game Pass is a subscription service from Microsoft that allows you access to a wide variety of games for a fee – think of it as the Netflix of the gaming industry. Game Pass sets you back $10.95 AUD/month and at the time of writing has 32 games, with Minecraft soon to be among the ranks.

The announcement however that brought the gaming community to it’s knees, crying tears of joy is that ‘Halo: The Master Chief Collection’ is making it’s way to PC! If you’re an Xbox exclusive gamer this really doesn’t apply to you but it would be amiss of me to not mention it as it’s a massive move for the publisher.

The Halo games will be released progressively and in chronological order – with gamers around the world stating that this is the best move that Steam have made as a competitive play over other platforms for quite some time.

And finally DayZ is almost in full deployment! It’s been available on Xbox Game Preview for a while but as of March 27th you’ll be able to pick up the full game. DayZ is an intense survival PvP, PvE post-apocalyptic shooter that has been in development for an incredibly long time, so it’s great to see it finally making a full debut on Xbox this month.

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