After the hype and excitement of CES in January the real work begins when tech companies put their products into stores – for you to buy – do we want them? Are they priced right? What are the competitors doing?

The race is on, with LG starting strongly out of the gate with 24 different TVs launching in Australia – and that doesn’t count two 8K models and the roll-up OLED-R which are planned for the second half of the year.

Starting at the “bottom” end, the UHD range from LG starts at $1,299 for a 43 inch model, up to $7,999 for a staggering 86 incher. That’s big!

Upgrade your picture quality with LG NanoCell technology (LG say this is on par with Samsung’s QLED) and you’re looking at 9 Super UHD models from 49 up to 86 inches priced from $1,999 to $10,999.

The majority of these TVs will launch in April, though you will need to wait later into the year around May to June to get the largest of the models.

And then there is the OLED – the crowning Jewel in LG’s range. Australia has the third highest adoption of OLED TVs per capita in the world, we love our tech – so it’s no shock to see 7 OLED models from LG this year.

A 55 inch C9 series LG OLED will set you back $3,899 – that’s the entry level OLED in 2019. C9 Series TVs go up to 77 inches at $15,999 while the E9 series is just 55 and 65 inches.

The stunning wallpaper series W9 will set you back $19,999 for a 77 incher and that’s not bloody bad actually.

So, why upgrade?

The interface (WebOS) has been dramatically improved with a new smart sorting based on your usage for the icons, as well as a secondary ribbon for apps like Netflix and Stan to jump straight into content.

To be fair, this is something Samsung has had over LG for a couple of years, but the execution here on WebOS 4.5 is most certainly in the better late than never category.

These will (by year’s end) be some of the smartest TVs on the market – with Google, Alexa and HomeKit integration it is the hub for any home, no matter your eco system.

LG say their Artificial Intelligence systems that created the picture display processing technology is further advanced and with new adaptive brightness controls and AI Sound capabilities it has seriously impressive picture and sound quality.

We’ll have reviews throughout the year, and fingers crossed for Aussie availability on the 8K and OLED R models – more on that later in the year.

The full range, pricing and availability of the LG 2019 TVs is below:

Range Model Code RRP Availability 
OLED OLED77W9PTA.AAU $ 19,999 April 
OLED OLED65W9PTA.AAU $ 9,999 May 
OLED OLED65E9PTA.AAU $ 7,099 April 
OLED OLED55E9PTA.AAU $ 4,299 April 
OLED OLED77C9PTA.AAU $ 15,999 April 
OLED OLED65C9PTA.AAU $ 6,399 March 
OLED OLED55C9PTA.AAU $ 3,899 March 
SUPER UHD 86SM9400PTA.AAU $ 10,999 July 
SUPER UHD 75SM9400PTA.AAU $ 7,899 May 
SUPER UHD 65SM9450PTA.AAU $ 5,399 April 
SUPERUHD 75SM8600PTA.AAU $ 5,299 April 
SUPER UHD 65SM8600PTA.AAU $ 3,599 April 
SUPER UHD 55SM8600PTA.AAU $ 2,499 April 
SUPER UHD 65SM8100PTA.AAU $ 2,999 April 
SUPER UHD 55SM8100PTA.AAU $ 2,199 April 
SUPER UHD 49SM8100PTA.AAU $ 1,999 April 
UHD 86UM7600PTA.AAU $ 7,999 May 
UHD 82UM7600PTA.AAU $ 5,499 July 
UHD 75UM7600PTA.AAU $ 3,699 July 
UHD 65UM7600PTA.AAU $ 2,399 April 
UHD 55UM7600PTA.AAU $ 1,799 April 
UHD 50UM7600PTA.AAU $ 1,599 April 
UHD 43UM7600PTA.AAU $ 1,299 April 
UHD 70UM7300PTA.AAU $ 3,099 April