UBTECH may have finally found their calling. They are an amazing robotics company, their Alpha Robot is fun, it’s cool – but – all it does is dance and walk slowly around your table.

What they’ve announced today though is something cool – taking what appears to be the essence of their Alpha robot, but with an all-new skin.

Teaming up with Marvel and you’ve now got a walking talking “Iron Man” – something you can control with your device and bring Tony Stark to life!

For the hard-core fans it’s going to be an instant hit – for those who love robotics it gives a face and purpose to the “toy” that such a robot is.

The Iron Man MK50 Robot is launching at the same time as Marvel Avengers: Endgame which hits cinemas on April 24.

You can control its movements, the lights and sounds all using a mobile devices. There’s even augmented reality missions to take part in.

Oh, and Iron Man has a face – his helmet opens up to expose a small screen – which you can customise with your own face too!

Natasha Huang from UBTECH in Australia says “we are thrilled to collaborate with EE Group Australia and Marvel to bring the excitement around the Marvel Cinematic Universe to life with the Iron Man MK50 Robot,”

“The Iron Man MK50 Robot provides an immersive, entertaining, and customisable experience that both casual and hardcore fans alike will find fun and familiar.”

Iron Man will be in stores on April 26, and will retail for $398! Pre Orders are open at Harvey Norman.