Yep, if checking the weather, playing music or opening and closing the blinds wasn’t enough – now you can order a Pizza with your Google Assistant!

It’s really quite simple, and follows on from a similar “Skill” launched with Alexa last year – all you have to do is save a Dominos Pizza order as a favourite, and from that point on – a simple command to “ask Domino’s for my last saved order” will set the wheels in motion for your Pizza delivery!

Domino’s Group Chief Digital and Technology Officer Michael Gillespie says “Our online orders regularly exceed 70 per cent of network sales, with more than two million pizzas and sides ordered online every week – so it’s important that we continue to innovate in this space,”

“We pride ourselves on introducing new technology that will not only make our customers’ lives easier, but make the entire experience more enjoyable.

“Now if our customers are entertaining guests or watching a movie at home, they can simply ask their Google Assistant to place their saved order with Domino’s and sit back and relax until the order arrives. Or if they are wondering where their order is, they can simply ask their Google Assistant for a status update!”

So, no need to get off the lounge or lift a finger to order pizza – now all we need is a Domino’s “We’ll enter your house and bring it to you on the lounge” service to achieve the ultimate in laziness 🙂