This week at CES in Las Vegas we have seen the connected… everything. This is the connected drink bottle. Called the Ozmo by Grokinglab, this bluetooth water bottle is set to help monitor your intake of water (and coffee) throughout your day.

Studies consistently show most people, especially aging adults, just don’t get enough hydration throughout the day, whether it be through ignoring the body’s signals, being too busy, medical issues or other reasons. Over-caffeination can be a real problem also for execs and others who love coffee but find going “over the line” in their imbibing too easy.

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When we first heard about this product that could help us track our intake we asked Grokinglab to allow us to use it during CES, and we have! During such a busy event like CES we are certainly not listening to our bodies when it comes to nutrition or water intake. The bottle has proven it too, most days barely hitting 20% of what we should be having. The only issue though is that at night when we go for a quick dinner, we aren’t taking the Ozmo with us, so our final reading isn’t entirely accurate. That isn’t a criticism of the product, more an issue with it’s application to our entire day. The only issue we can find with the product itself comes with the amount of water it can hold. It stands taller than a 600ml bottle of water yet holds less than that. Obviously because of the technology inside but that’s the way it is!


The place where this bottle will come into life will be back in the office, keeping it by our desk, tracking our intake during the work day.

The Ozmo works by having a battery, bluetooth technology and other sensors to measure how much water is added to the Ozmo, how much is removed at each drink and then transmitting that back to your app on the smartphone. Very shortly Ozmo will have FitBit and Apple Health integration which will start to adjust your recommended water intake based on activities.

While many internet connected devices at CES borderline on useless, we think the Ozmo is a great addition to those wanting to become more aware of their nutrition and health.

Available now for $80 USD and in four different colours.