Tomorrow morning, 8.30am, the queues for Aldi’s Saturday Special Buys will contain people looking for pet products, flowers for mum, some cool lighting but I think there will be a bit of push and shove for the TV that goes on sale tomorrow.

We’ve set it up here in the EFTM office and it’s impressive. $599, for a 55 inch smart TV.

How Smart? Not Android TV smart, but it has Netflix and YouTube built in – with dedicated buttons on the remote.

There are other apps, but frankly, not worth looking at. It does lack the ability to install new apps, but for people looking at a world of apps there are plenty of smart boxes you could connect to this.

The Aldi (BAUHN) 55 Inch Smart TV is targeted at the two biggest apps used on Smart TVs, YouTube (the kids!) and Netflix.

Quality wise the blacks on this TV seem excellent – for the cost – surprising in fact, both in menus and also darker content. YouTube looks excellent, quickly pumping to high quality streams for your videos of choice.

Netflix pops into 4K with ease – though I don’t see any reference to HDR on Netflix, which I think means that the TV’s HDR capabilities are limited to the HDMI inputs.

There are some great picture modes available, though as we found with other TVs from brands outside the big three, they don’t seem to be accessible when in apps like Netflix or YouTube.

These apps seem to take over the TV, even the home menu won’t appear “over” the apps, meaning your show is stopped and the screen returns to the last input or TV signal before showing you the menu.

One of the apps is “screen cast” but don’t be fooled, it’s not Chromecast, in fact it wasn’t immediately clear to me what it was or how to get it working – this is where a true nerd might enjoy it, but the average Aldi buyer is never going to use this.

But let’s be real here, you’re buying a $599 TV and the things I describe here are things you likely would never have known you’re “missing”.

This TV has an exceptional picture quality for the price, it has simple access to Netflix and YouTube and that’s what it’s going to get its biggest workout doing.

You will not be disappointed by the quality of this screen.

Plus, in the box, as standard is a great second remote control. A simple remote. All the basic functions you need without the scientific calculator like remote we normally have.

Oh, and in the box – the instructions – better than anything I’ve seen from the biggest TV companies on the planet. So much detail, so clearly written – this is a sign of the quality that’s gone into this deal.

I have no issue recommending this to you, If I’m at the store I’d help you carry it out – you won’t be disappointed.