If you’d have asked the original developers and players of Minecraft 10 years ago if they thought the 10th Anniversary of the game would be held at a Microsoft Store they would probably suggest you’re mad.

But after Microsoft acquired the game it has continued its growth and is still played by gamers of all ages.

So, if you or your kids are good with a crafting table or just love creative – head on down to Sydney’s Flagship Microsoft Store on Election Day! Way better than voting (Kidding, do that first).

Celebrating the best selling video game of all time – wow – and its more than 100 million registered players who just love to build.

Those who head down will get exclusive access to special announcements, giveaways, mini-game battles where you can test your skills in build challenges.

And if you’ve got a costume, wear it.

It’s running 10am-5pm on Saturday 18th May in Pitt St Mall Sydney CBD