I don’t think I’m being rude when I say headphone maker Nura is hardly a household name. But after reviewing the Aussie start-up’s Nuraphone last year I was actually very impressed. As with some others, Nura offer self-learning technology but I doubt anyone else can match the level of detail Nura seek from your ears. Before using them you effectively undergo a hearing test, so the sound is tailor made just for you.

The Nuraphone appears to be a typical over-ear headphone. But inside the cup is an inner ear bud. The sound produced is remarkable, with base notes being sent into your skull via the outer cup, it’s a truly unique product.

Now comes news of the NuraLoop, a product that won the CES Best of Innovation Honoree Award. These are in-ear wireless headphones that use the same aforementioned technology. One of my main gripes of the Nuraphone was its case size, as they don’t fold away. The NuraLoop is obviously much more compact.

The Bluetooth connected NuraLoop utilises sensitive microphones and advanced signal processing to keep an eye on ‘otoacoustic emissions’. I won’t delve too far into the science behind it, but the tech keeps track of the cochlea inside your ear and learns what frequencies it is able to accommodate for each unique individual.

The test is taken via the Nura app available for iOS and Android. CEO Dragan Petrovic says,“At nura, we are driven by a vision to deliver perfect sound to every individual everywhere. We are excited to make personalised sound, pioneered by the Nuraphone, available to our community even when on the move — something that has been requested by many in our community, from music fans for listening on the go to professional musicians for performing on stage.”

Features of the NuraLoop include four microphones to aid voice calls, touch dials on each side to control the volume, play, skip and pause etc. There’s also active noise cancelation with a social mode to allow the outside in for situations like when walking across a road.

An analogue cable is provided and Nura claim the product is so precise it can be used as an in-ear monitor for a musician. Battery life is said to be 16+ hours when used wirelessly or two hours playback after just a 10-minute charge.

The NuraLoop will be available for pre-order from 15th May, with a limited-time discount starting at 30% for a RRP of $299

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