There are any number of sleep aids on the market, ranging from apps that play the sounds of a waterfall or a whale in distress. There’s connected wearable devices that monitor breathing rates and heart rate and stacks of lighting products to set the right night time mood.

In fact at CES in Las Vegas this year I even saw a sleep robot, something that you cuddle up with under the covers. But as fanciful as some of these products sound, clearly people are embracing technology to help with a better nights sleep. Today I introduce you to yet another product, but one with a twist. It’s called Glow Dreaming – the world’s most advanced sleep aid and better still it has been developed right here. 

Glow Dreaming is a device that brings together all the key elements that may help you get some extra Zzzz’s. The cylinder shaped device uses Aromatherapy and essential oils. It also acts as a humidifier, spraying out a cool mist to help with ease of breathing, prevent snoring, stop airborne viruses and keep the room at the right tempature. 

Ambient lighting always plays a key role when it comes to sleep. The Glow Dreaming device uses red LED Light therapy to allegedly stimulate the bodies melatonin production. This helps trigger the bodies inbuilt sleep system. 

We’ve all heard of white noise well how about pink noise? Personally I can’t tell the difference between the two, but the human auditory system can. This calming buzz is said to enhance brain activity during the deep phases of sleep, resulting in better memory retention and focus the next day.

This product may benefit anyone but is largely aimed at kids. Since its launch over 50,000 families have used it for the perfect night’s sleep. The local company has turned into a $4 milion dollar business with orders from the UK, India and the US. 

Glow Dreaming retails for $130.