While Huawei may have the runs on the board globally as a big-name smartphone maker, outselling Apple and hot on the heels of Samsung, their Australian success thus far has been limited.

Until Now.

The Huawei P30 Pro went on sale less than one month ago on April 16 after a pre-order period following the March launch in Paris. EFTM has obtained figures showing the P30 series is outselling last year’s P20 in big numbers.

In just the first three weeks, five and a half times more P30’s are in the hands of consumers compared to the same period for the flagship device of 2018 the P20 – staggering growth.

When compared to the outstanding Mate 20 series which was released at the end of 2018 the numbers are just as impressive. A three fold increase in the sales of the device in the first three weeks on sale.

A sceptic could suggest that these numbers come off the back of a low base – but in fact the P20 and Mate 20 respectively in 2018 also achieved outstanding sales for the company here in Australia – several hundred percent up year on year overall.

The numbers we’ve obtained for the first three weeks of sales for the P30 are supported by the anecdotal evidence being seen within the Telco market. With one Telco source telling EFTM “Huawei is now a player”.

While Huawei may not be outselling Samsung’s S10 here in Australia, there are some very positive signs from the Telco channel, with another source telling EFTM the P30 series is “doing really, really well” with the devices selling “better than expectations”.

In some respect these numbers and results are no shock, this is the first device Huawei have been able to range across All our Telcos, with Telstra taking a huge leap to stock the device for the first time, while Optus went further than any of the others by stocking the Dual-SIM version.

The positive results for Huawei come as the company makes it’s largest ever marketing investment in Australia with TV ads and Billboards everywhere you look, proving that if you want to play with the big end of town, you can’t just make great devices, you need to back them with marketing too.