Forget Pokemon Go, think Minecraft Earth – a new Augmented Reality game is coming to mobile phones later this year and if the tease is anything to go by its going to be a hit.

The video doesn’t actually give much away:

But what we do see is Minecraft in the real-world. This is the next big leap in Augmented Reality and will play on the advanced technology of the latest mobile phones, combined with some bloody smart programming.

Essentially this is Pokemon Go but for the modern generation’s game of choice – Minecraft.

Using a mobile phone, you will be able to walk around your own neighbourhood, looking for Minecraft Blocks and Mobs – this could be anything from Endermen to Chickens, and how the blocks appear is yet to be known.

Do we take our own blocks from the game into the real world, or can we only build in the Augmented world of Minecraft Earth with blocks found and crafted in that world. So many questions!

Here’s hoping this game allows you to build creations and leave them in the real world for others to explore – I’ll be building something Epic on the local Netball courts while I watch the kids play, see who else joins in:)

It’s launching as a closed Beta in “summer” which means in the next month or two for us down here in Australia.

To sign up for the Beta – hit Minecraft Earth