Stacks of homes around the country now have some kind of smart device or hub. The real leader of the pack has of course been Google Home and the Google Home Mini. Often, we find that people actually have several of these devices scattered around the home. But now you can transport your Google Home/Mini anywhere you like, cord free! This is thanks to two new products called the LOFT and JOT.

The LOFT is a portable battery base for your Google Home as is the JOT for the Mini. The company behind the products is called Ninety7. They have given your smart assistant up to eight hours of cordless power. The way it works is very simple, the Home or Mini easily slides into the battery base and locks into place.

The base itself can be charged via the normal cord that comes with the Google Home/Mini. There are four LED lights to indicate how much battery life remains. The LOFT and JOT both carry the ‘made for Google’ official endorsement for peace of mind.

So now you can take these products wherever you like, be it outdoors, the kitchen or the bedroom. The Google Home and Mini are now portable, although just remember they aren’t waterproof! 

The LOFT for Google Home is available in Carbon, Snow and Copper for $79.95. The JOT for Google Home Mini is available in Carbon and Silver for $59.95. Checkout JB HiFi, Kogan, Dick Smith, David Jones and