Kids today, heads down, messaging each other – it’s all the rage. Well, if you wonder what they’re doing – it’s possible they are ordering a Pizza!

Without downloading an app, without opening the Pizza Hut website, without calling 9481 1111 (or whatever the modern number is), I just ordered a BBQ Beef pizza and Garlic Bread.

It’s being delivered as we speak, but the process was actually bloody easy.

I went to the Pizza Hut Instant OrderingFacebook Page – I did this on my PC, but you can use Facebook Messenger too – and clicked Start!

From there, it’s really just a series of questions and answers. Choose from some basic menus and you’re presented with pictures and a few options for each category.

We were just ordering a BBQ Beef, found that under Favourites – not classic.

The thing is, now I’ve done it once, the process will be faster still next time.

Honestly, I was surprised – it was really easy to do!

So there you go, order your next pizza just by chatting on Facebook.

Update: It arrived, and it was good!