One of the biggest features a customer looks at when buying a car is a simple one, its colour. But colours ain’t colours, brands and their marketing teams really come up with some rippers that go way beyond primary colours.

My Dad used to tell me red cars went faster, but good luck walking into some dealerships and asking for a red car, no that would be way too simple.

Below I’ve handpicked some exotically named paintwork from budget brands to the Euros. I’ve stuck with Black, Red, White, Blue and Green. Let us know about some of the more elaborately named colours you’ve heard of.


Shadow Black – Ford Mustang
Eclipse Black – Toyota RAV4
Graphite – Toyota RAV4
Aurora Black – Kia Stinger
Phantom Black – Hyundai i30
Jet Black – Mazda 3 Hatch
Diamond Black – Nissan X-Trail
Black Sapphire Metallic – BMW 3 Series
Night Black – Audi Q8
Cosmos Black – Mercedes-Benz A250

Diamond Black Nissan X-Trail
Soul Red Crystal Metallic Mazda 3 Hatch


Race Red or Ruby Red – Ford Mustang
Atomic Rush – Toyota RAV4
Hichroma Red – Kia Stinger
Firey Red – Hyundai i30
Soul Red Crystal Metallic – Mazda 3 Hatch
Ruby Red – Nissan X-Trail
Melbourne Red Metallic – BMW 3 Series
Jupiter Red – Mercedes-Benz A250

Polar White Hyundai i30


Oxford White – Ford Mustang
Glacier White – Toyota RAV4
Snow White Pearl – Kia Stinger
Polar White – Hyundai i30
Snowflake White Peal Mica – Mazda 3
Ivory Pearl – Nissan X-Trail
Superior White – Suzuki Jimny
Mineral White – BMW 3 Series
Carrara White – Audi Q8
Polar White – Mercedes-Benz A250

Mediterranean Blue Metallic BMW 3 Series


Velocity Blue – Ford Mustang
Saturn Blue – Toyota RAV4
Electric Blue – Toyota RAV4
Micro Blue – Kia Stinger
Deep Crystal Blue Mica – Mazda 3 Hatch
Marine Blue – Nissan X-Trail
Brisk Blue Metallic – Suzuki Jimny
Mediterranean Blue Metallic – BMW 3 Series
Denim Blue – Mercedes-Benz A250

Need for Green – Ford Mustang


Need for Green – Ford Mustang
Jungle Green – Suzuki Jimny