Happy wife happy life boys – you know it! And it’s more than possible that if you don’t have a Thermomix at home, she’s been nagging you for one – even moreso you might just want one yourself but you don’t even know it.

While they’re not new – Grace Mazur brought them to Australia after seeing them in Poland 18 years ago – this new model is the sixth generation.

Interestingly, while I viewed it as very much a home appliance – even chef’s swear by it – with Aussie chef Mike McInerney hosting the Thermomix launch event today at his Sydney CBD restaurant. Mike showed off his second generation Thermomix quite lovingly and says he got it while cooking in a Michelin Star restaurant.

With almost half a million customers across Australia and New Zealand – they must be doing something right, and while many headlines are drawn to the faulty seals on early machines that resulted in a huge fines from the Federal Court after ACCC action – in the most part Thermomix owners are lovers of their “Thermies”.

My wife is one of them. We bought our Thermomix six years ago and it still gets regular use today – in fact our kids can use it to bake cup cakes from scratch. Simplicity is key.

But fast forward to today, and more recent machines have touch screens with guided cooking instructions, putting an end to cookbooks with stuck pages from last time’s cooking.

The TM6 will be available next month, and features serious grunt. A quad core processor powers it’s smarts, allowing you to flick through recipies and be guided step by step through the cooking process with ease.

Key differences between the previous TM5 and this TM6 are the processor, New cooking modes, a higher heat and a massive increase in screen size.

You can now Slow cook on the Thermomix, and even Sous-vide (whatever the hell that is), taking the total number of cooking tasks it’s capable of to 20, while replacing a dozen kitchen appliances with just one.

Another key improvement this year is that WiFi is now built-in. Previously that was an add on, which seemed strange, given it was built to take the dongle for WiFi, but it’s clearly better off built-in.

Regardless, on-board connectivity means direct on-screen access to the “Cookidoo” database of thermomix step by step recipies which now number 50,000 including 2203 from Australia and New Zealand.

Bottom line, it’s better.

At $2,269 the Thermomix TM6 certainly ain’t cheap – and of course you can’t just “buy one” – you have to have it demonstrated, sold, and setup & delivered by a Thermomix Consultant in your area.