The lifestyle category is wide-ranging and is really a catch-all for many things we get to look at, review or sample.

This year – in fact only last month we got to spend some time with the Samsung Serif TV – which is as Samsung describe it – a Lifestyle TV.

It’s bloody impressive. Great TV itself, because at it’s core it’s just a great Samsung TV, but put it in a “box” that’s unlike any other TV and it’s a really great centrepiece of the Lounge room, like a TV was back in the 70’s and 80’s.

NFC to tap and play your phone music, freestanding so it can be the corner, centre or however you want it to be, yet – as I say, still a great quality Samsung TV.

Loved it from the moment we first saw it, then loved it more once we got to use it.

That’s why the EFTM Best Lifestyle award goes to the Samsung Serif TV.