It’s iPhone season again. We’re a month or two away from any official announcement and as always you have to take all rumours and leaks with a grain of salt – but we’ve gotten hands-on with what we think are the closest thing to the next iPhone.

Three mock-up models of the 2019 iPhones show what is expected from Apple at their September event when the next generation iPhones are traditionally announced.

In line with many months of speculation and rumour these mock-ups show two key things.

Firstly, the overall design of the iPhone isn’t changing dramatically, or really in any way.

And Secondly, all models of the 2019 will feature a square camera module raised from the back-side of the phone.

We have no idea what they will be called, other than to anticipate the name being iPhone 11 – likely written as “iPhone XI”

iPhone XI (iPhone 11?)

The 5.8inch screen has been the staple of the “X” line of Smartphones for a couple of years now, and in 2019 it looks like that stays the same, as do the design and finish, but the camera module appears to be a triple lens array within a raised square section on the top left back corner of the phone.

Within the square the three lenses in this mock-up come in a triangular pattern with the flash offset but still within the module.

iPhone XI Max

With a 6.5inch screen the Max is all things XI – but with a bigger footprint. As with the XS and XS Max we’d expect all specs to be the same inside, and out, just the size differing.

iPhone XI-R

In the middle size wise with the 6 inch screen the “R” version of the iPhone looks set to gain the bokeh / portrait effect via a dual lens camera.

These mock-ups show the same size square raised camera module – except with just two lenses, and flash.

Seems strange to go with the square when a simple dual camera module from the XS would work fine.

Time will tell.

When, Where, and How Much?

Your guess is as good as ours, but expect the announcement to land in the first few weeks of September – September 11, 17 or 18 being hot options.

That won’t be confirmed until September we would expect.

The announcement will take place at Apple Park in the Steve Jobs theatre, while the on-sale dates will vary and likely start at the end of September and into October.

But in reality – this is all just speculation – we’ll wait and see!