Recently we told you about Sony’s new fully wireless noise cancelling headphones. The latest generation of the WH-1000 range promised improved noise cancelling and more on-board power and performance which they say enables you to hear “the music and nothing else”

Well last week I gave them a bit of a test run, on a Virgin flight from Sydney to Melbourne and back again. All I can say is a simple WOW! When I fly, which is a lot to be honest, I either use my wired Bose QC20’s or Sony’s over-ear WH-1000XM3 headphones.

I took my Bose along for the ride plus my Sony over-ear set. In terms of noise cancelling I think Sony has left Bose behind, not by an enormous distance but enough for me to jump ship if I had the choice. 

That vacuum-like sensation is very strong and instantly noticeable when activated. You’re absolutely no chance of hearing the flight attendant without activating ambient noise mode. But what really impressed me was the sound quality. So much so I reckon they produce better sound than the over-ear set. But that could be an illusion, given you are literally plugging the sound straight into your ear canal. 

I’m not normally a fan of these bud-style ear phones for two reasons, you look like an imbecile and secondly, they never stay in properly. But I think Sony has nailed the look, they’re discreet but also feature an attractive design. Plus, with the multiple silicon tips provided it was easy to find the perfect fit. 

The only negative is that at times I found the WF-1000XM3 lacked some volume. Although it seemed to vary depending on the song. But ultimately, based on my two or so hours of use, this is a remarkable product from Sony.