Every year the team at EFTM get to test, review, use, play with and experience a lot of things. And each year we like to think about which ones had the greatest impact on us, left the lasting impression.

This year, as before, we’re announcing the EFTM Best Awards.

Over the next five days, we’ll announce 34 individual awards.

Broadly there are 28 category awards, across Tech, Cars and Lifestyle.

Then there are a couple of special awards like the “Blokes Best” and “Best Person” – They are awards that sit above the categories, in Blokes best it’s something that could easily have won a category award, but we reckon it’s just a bit better. Person is like TIME Person of the year – but, just a touch lower down the pecking order of honours:)

Then there are our main awards for Best Car, Best Tech and Best Lifestyle. They again are products that could easily have won a category, but go way beyond that.

And finally, our Best of the Best – this is our Gold Logie. It’s gone to amazing cars, and amazing tech in the past.

Let me be utterly clear, these are our awards, they are decided by us based on the things we tested, the cars we drove, the experiences we had. If there’s a car we didn’t drive this year, it’s not part of our consideration. Same with a phone, or a TV or whatever it might be.

Daniel, Adam and myself put together ideas for winners in categories relating to things we’d tested, and we voted – or discussed, and my Dictatorship made the final decision.

We put as much emphasis on value in many of these categories, along with innovation and smarts, as we do sheer outright performance.

So, with that, we ask you to strap in, and enjoy the next five days of announcements.

The categories are below – we’ll add links to each winner as they are announced.

Best Small Car – Kia Picanto
Best SUV – Mercedes-Benz GLC 300e
Best Small SUV – Volkswagen T-Cross
Best Appliance – Kmart Sausage Roll Maker
Best Gadget – GoCube
Best Wireless Sound – Sony WH-1000XMK4
Best Game – Microsoft Flight Simulator
Best Innovation – PS5 DualSense Controller
Best Sports Car – Audi RS6
Best Family Car – Kia Sorento
Best Ute – RAM 1500
Best Entertainment – Stan.
Best Home Theatre – Sonos
Best Tablet – Apple iPad Air
Best Security – Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight
Best Wearable – Withings ScanWatch
Best Luxury Car – Rolls Royce Ghost
Best Electric Car – Audi e-tron
Best In-Car Tech – Mercedes-Benz MBUX Augmented Reality Navigation
Best Intenet of Things – Apple HomePod Mini
Best Camera – GoPro Hero 9
Best Networking – Netgear Orbi WiFi 6
Best Telco – Telstra 5G
Best Eco-Friendly – Breville Foodcycler
Best Laptop – Apple MacBook Air (M1)
Best Gaming – Sony Playstation 5
Best TV – Chromecast with Google TV
Best Smartphone – Google Pixel 4a (5G)
Best Car – Kia Sorento GT Line
Best Person – Every Aussie in 2020
Best Lifestyle – Worx Landroid
Best Tech – Samsung Q950
Blokes Best – Harman Kardon Citation 300
Best of the Best – iPhone 12 Pro Max