Yesterday we showed you the new look Foxtel Remote control which looks set to be announced next week and features a direct button link to the new Netflix App coming to Foxtel IQ 3 and IQ 4 boxes.

Today, we can exclusively reveal a better look at the remote and a first look at the new user interface and layout in the updated IQ box software.

Heres a much better look at that new remote – the first major change to the Foxtel remote in a very long time:

Jumping into the menus you can see a familiar, yet redesigned look to the overall navigation, using a clearer “tab” structure at the top with more of the top level menu on screen rather than hidden until you scroll across.

Its a big push to show more on-demand content to viewers, moving away from the linear broadcast channels as a feature.

Members of a select group of Foxtel users are offering insights to Foxtel and have been testing the new interface and remote.

If you look at the IQ box as a “one stop shop” for content, then surfacing the on demand content in a more common format – similar to what users are seeing on Catch Up apps and Streaming services makes total sense.

And then there is the addition of Netflix. While the actual app is as hard to find as Sky Weather Active has always been, that matters not when there is a Netflix button on the remote itself.

As for the voice button at the top of the remote along with the microphone – thats a feature thats still “coming soon” – even for their early insight users.

The full details of the updates and how they are in fact rolling out to existing users will be announced by Foxtel CEO Patrick Delaney this coming Wednesday.

Thanks for the tip Fred!