Boris Johnson is the new the new British PM, we now have three world leaders with crazy hairdos led by Trump and that other bloke in North Korea.

But what about this, Mr Johnson courtesy of long-held protocols needed to go and see the Queen. She in turn gives the thumbs up, which she’s pretty good at considering she once had to deal with Sir Winston Churchill and 13 others.

But what about this pic courtesy of The Guardian. Take note of right-hand side of the fire place. That my friends is a Dyson Pure HotCool Link purifier. I have one of those and love it. I wonder if the Queen realises you can turn it on and off via an app?

But what about this! We have pieced together how this Dyson product made its way into Buckingham Palace. Sir James Dyson was knighted in 2006 and more recently was in that same room and no doubt noted that she had a mere bar heater. So we simply deduce that Sir Dyson has made sure the Queen only has the best going forward.

Queen Elizabeth II presents Sir James Dyson with the insignia with the insignia of members of the Order of Merit, during a private audience at Buckingham Palace, London.

However when ScoMo made his way over it was no where to be seen. Perhaps when it comes to Royal protocol product placement is frowned upon. But this time someone forgot to remove the fruits of Sir Dyson.*

*These statements are not based on facts or any real research.