Optus CEO Kelly Bayer Rosmarin has spoken for the first time since her press conference two Friday’s ago in a video message today to confirm some of the statistics around the number of affected customers as a result of the recent Cyber Attack or hack on Optus.

Ms Bayer Rosmarin confirmed that the total number of customers involved is 9.8 million, with new information for the first time confirming 2.1 million people had an ID document number exposed.

In her statement, the CEO said that the other 7.7 million people do not need to take action.

Of the 2.1 million with exposed ID Documents, 900,000 had expired and the company is still waiting to know if any action needs to be taken, working with government licensing authorities.

Optus say they have reached out to all 1.2 million customers where action should be taken and is advised.

A few critical points from the video message, Ms Bayer Rosmarin says the company is “working collaboratively with other organisations and government departments”. This contradicts the statements from at least two Federal Government ministers who are calling on Optus to urgently work with their departments.

Sadly, the statement also continues to play down the effect of the hack on the 7.7 million customers who’s personal data, such as Date of Birth, Address and contact details are now in the hands of cyber criminals. Many of these people have been cautious with their data over many years online, and are being exposed for the very first time. It feels like Optus seems to think there is no affect on those people.

Still lots of work to be done by Optus.

You can view the full video on the Optus website