Aldi Special Buys are taking it to the next level with a first-of-its-kind offer happening next week at Aldi stores right across Australia.

Everyone knows the Aldi Special Buys, every Wednesday and Saturday a bunch of items go in limited numbers into Aldi stores across Australia. If you’re keen you line up, race in as the doors open then rush to the checkout.

For the bigger items like flat-pack furniture and TVs it’s the same process, just a bit harder to carry the items let alone fit them in your car!

So for that reason, It’s a bit strange to think that Aldi could be selling a Fridge!

And I’m not talking about a Bar Fridge here, this is a 473L French Door fridge.

But they’ve found a solution which might just be a toe in the water for future plans for even more big stuff! Delivery. The $999 purchase price includes delivery!

Sounds logical, but for Aldi that’s a whole new way of selling products.

Here’s exactly how it will work next Wednesday August 7:

You go to your local Aldi Store.

Find the French Door Fridge special buy in store – but it’s not going to stand out like the TVs – instead it’s a small cardboard box, about the size of a water bottle.

You take that to the counter, pay $999, and take your receipt.

Get home, open the box, and inside is a leaflet labelled “Home Delivery Steps”.

You call the 1300 number on the card, quote the unique delivery code which you scratch off the pamphlet, and provide your details, arranging a time for delivery which might happen via a call-back phone call.

You have to be home at the time of delivery, and you must also have your Aldi receipt at that time too.

Bingo, you’ve got a new fridge!

The $999 price is super competitive for the size and volume of the fridge, but of course, that’s going to be in limited supply.

If you’re looking for dimensions on the Aldi Fridge, it’s 800mm Wide, 1800mm High, and 665mm Deep.

We’ve had good look at this fridge a few times now leading up to this sale, and it’s impressive quality. Feels solid and the doors open and close smoothly. The space inside is ample, with very well laid out shelf space, and a packed set of drawers in the lower freezer.

Really interesting move for Aldi, and if it works – we might see even bigger special buys in the future.