Do you have chooks? I plan to one day, but I think there may be some drama with the council. But that aside the one thing about chickens is they like to go walkabout, I grew up with them. Fred the rooster once followed me to school, true story. It’s called free-range and our two-legged feathered friends love it.

But ultimately you need to lock them up, especially at night. My poor Father-in-law has lost countless hens due to foxes, who even manage to climb six-foot high chicken wire and slip under the roof. 

Today I introduce to you ChickenGuard, an automatic locking system for chicken coup doors. This gadget has spread to 48 countries worldwide, keeping chickens safe at night.

There are around 400,000 households in this country that keep some poultry in the backyard. It uses timers and light sensors to open and close the doors in the morning and evening. From experience chickens do tend to gravitate back home naturally anyway, with their own inbuilt sense of time. But this device means you’ll never forget to shut them in, keeping them safe from predators.

Petbarn and PETstock and other retailers will stock this product across Australia. 

UK ChickenGuard founder Ben Braithwaite said; “We’re thrilled to be launching in Australia and find innovative ways to outfox all predators, no matter how cunning, and support chicken owners in getting a couple of hours extra sleep,” 

In Australia, the ChickenGuard range includes: The Standard (RRP $225.00), Premium (RRP $260.00) and Extreme (RRP $295.00) automated chicken door openers, the world’s first Self- Locking Door Kit (RRP $70.00) and Locking Combi Kits; Premium (RRP $315.00) or Extreme (RRP $315.00) which combine their smart automated door openers with the self-locking door for extra protection.

ChickenGuard is available to purchase from