There’s basically been a massive balls up with deliveries of Renault Australia’s little electric Zoe. But let me say this, it’s hardly the fault of the brand.

A recent batch of Renault’s were the victim of a recent oil spill during a shipment via a vessel down under. 

As a result, the oil spill led to the quarantine of the vehicles on arrival in July. 

Other models were affected but sadly the largest number of vehicles impacted were the Zoes. In fact, over 90% of the batch have been impacted. 

Renault Australia is working with the shipping company and experts to determine the impact of this nightmare scenario.

 Managing Director Anouk Poelmann said,  “All affected vehicles will undergo a full inspection, and it is our commitment that no single vehicle will be released to our dealer network unless we are 100% satisfied that there is no impact on the exterior, interior or future reliability of the vehicle.”

So basically, a fossil fuel has got square with its archnemesis.