We moved to a new house last year and a big change has been the now vast tracts of hard floors through our house. We adopted Bob after Trevor’s review last year, but with both a dog and an active 12 year old, we’ve been interested in a partner for him. Enter the Tineco S7 Pro wet and dry vacuum.

Now available from Godfrey’s for RRP $1,299, the Tineco offers an advanced solution for keeping your hard floors clean. The cleaner comes with a charging base to store it when not in use with a cleaning mode to run while it’s charging.

There’s built-in AI to sense dirty floors, with the large, easy to read 3.6-inch LCD Screen giving you an easy way to see what mode it’s in and navigate the menu.

I’ve been using the Tineco S7 Pro for a couple of weeks now and here’s how it went. 

What’s in the box and Setup

The S7 Pro includes everything you need to get up and running. You have the unit with a handle separated you’ll need to insert into it. There’s also a base unit and power brick for charging and a raft of extras including accessory holders, spare filter, roller and a bottle of the Tineco cleaning solution with a brush to help clean the Dirty Water Tank, brush chamber and opening.

Assembling the handle and main body is fairly simple, though I did manage to put it in the wrong way around before I re-read the manual. Once it’s in it’s secure, allowing you to lift it if needed, though you can remove it later for storage or transport.

The Tineco FloorOne S7 Pro is a good looking unit with a woodgrain texture on the plastic and the display is front and centre on top of the unit making it easy to see. It’s a bright display, so it’s easy to see even in bright lights.

Setting up the charging base is easy. Simply connect the provided power brick and then sit the S7 Pro onto it and charging commences. The 4,000 mAh battery inside takes around 4-5 hours to charge and you’re recommended to ensure it has a full charge to start with.

Once charged I filled the clean water tank, which you remove by simply pressing a button on the back of the unit and it pops off and then easily slips back in. You add a capful of the provided solution to each tank full and you’re off and racing.

There’s a brief setup video explaining the basics of how to use the device. It’s fairly comprehensive, though the Tineco S7 Pro is very simple to use, so it’s fairly short. 

One thing you’ll notice is that the volume is LOUD! The initial run through is quite loud, but thankfully you can lower the volume in settings. 

Tineco App

Of course there’s a Tineco app for Android and iOS, offering information about your device including the battery status, and the option to view all the modes. 

It’s a basic app, though you don’t really need much information on the device. It’s essentially charging when it’s not in use so the battery should be full and I never came close to draining the battery even with some epic cleaning to start off with. You’re also advised to empty the dirty water tank after each use and I have taken to refilling the clean water tank as well, so you don’t really need access to those stats either.

You can adjust the Suction Mode setting, sliding from 150W down to 120W if you feel it’s a little too powerful for you, though the rest of the modes are locked in ‘Smart Adjustment’ though there’s not much I’d personally change manually on these settings. 

Overall you don’t really need the app unless you want to update firmware, enable some cleaning reminders or want to turn the floor brush light off, clean with just water or change the running speed – but it’s always nice to have an app. 

Using the Tineco S7 Pro

Turning the Tineco S7 Pro on is as easy as hitting the power button on the front of the handle. It’s a little awkward, but you’ll soon work out the layout and find it quite easy after a few goes. 

When it’s powered on, you use your foot on the base and pull the handle back towards you to unlock it. 

When it’s unlocked and powered up the device starts in Auto mode, but you can easily select one of the modes available using the arrow buttons on the handle and viewing them on the LCD touch screen. There’s four options to choose from: Auto, Max, Ultra and Suction. 

The Auto mode is the default and if you just need it on, you can just turn the Tineco S7 Pro on and you’re off and racing. If you have something different, say a heavier stain, then you can use the Max mode for a burst of harder cleaning. You can also use Suction mode for cleaning up any liquid spills. 

Ultra Mode is a little more ambiguous, however Tineco support cleared up what it is. It’s a mode for deep cleaning, which uses a built-in electrolysis module in the clean water tank to transform the tap water into a ‘natural cleaning solution’. This will cut down on the costs of using the S7 Pro. The electrolysis takes around 30 seconds to prepare and then you’re off. 

I generally used the automatic function with a few spins into Max and Ultra modes to try them out on some harder stains. It also made a meal out of our covered external patio area, with the tiles beautifully clean. There’s a builit-in ‘Tineco iLoop Smart Sensor Technology’ which will automatically detect any messes and adjust suction power and water volume, or you can just flick it to Max mode if you think you need a bit more power.

At just over 5kg the Tineco S7 Pro isn’t light, but you’re really just lifting it on and off the charging base so you don’t really notice it. 

It’s self-propelled using the motorised wheels on the base making it seem effortless to push backwards and forwards, the system automatically detecting when you change direction making it super easy to get where you need to go.

There’s very little room between the roller and the cover, letting you get right in close under cabinets or up against skirting boards. The headlights on the brush head also make it easier to see dust or stains to focus on. 

It’s great at cleaning floors at night easily, with the bonus that they were dry fairly quickly afterwards. It’s an absolute beast at cleaning stains and spills, the roller spins at 450 rpm, with clean water constantly poured onto it to provide a seriously good clean. 

The evidence of the clean is in your dirty water tank. Like the clean water tank, a simple button press pops the tank out and you pop the top off to empty it. We clean our floors daily and even we were shocked at how dirty the water was, though it’s getting better the more we use the Tineco and the floors have never looked or felt cleaner. 


The Tineco S7 Pro includes a self-cleaning mode which you’re actively encouraged to use. 

When you dock the S7 Pro on the base station you’re given two choices for cleaning. Pressing the Clean button on top of the handle gives you two options for cleaning – Quick Self Clean or Super Self Clean. Hitting the Cleaning button on the handle lets you select between the two, with a 3-second countdown starting as you select each before the cleaning starts.

Quick Self Clean will take two minutes, while the Super Self Clean will take 6 minutes. Both cleaning options are fairly noisy, so take that into account when you set them off – but they do a fantastic job of keeping the roller clean. 

You can and should also remove the Brush Roller Cover and clean that out, with the cover easy to remove and replace. It also gives you access into the internals to give it a good clean out every now and then.

The Brush Roller itself should be replaced every 8 months according to the Tineco S7 Pro manual. Of course you get one replacement roller in the box, but you’ll likely need replacements down the track. 


There’s several consumables to consider when using the Tineco S7 Pro. Cleaning solution for the Clean Water Tank, Rollers if you want to replace them and filters. 

The replacement bottles of fluid are priced at $25 for 500ml, while a replacement roller will also set you back $25 as well. Finally, the HEPA filter is replaceable and is priced at $29.99 for a replacement when you eventually need one. 

After two weeks of intense use while reviewing it, the solution has come down a bit though our use is starting to taper as the floors are immaculately clean. You can also make use of the Ultra Mode with the electrolysis unit making for a decent cleaning option. 

Should you buy it?

If you really want your hard floors to be cleaned and you value convenience and ease of use, the answer to this is a massive yes. 

Whether you want to just use the Tineco S7 Pro to keep your floors clean, or partner it with your robot vacuum cleaner for a really clean floor, it is an awesome option for anyone with hard floors. 

It’s all just so easy. It’s easy to set up, use and even keep clean and maintained. It’s also super convenient to have an easy mopping option which didn’t involve guiding a robot vacuum to a mess, or getting a mop and bucket out – and the floors dried so fast!

If you’re in the market you can check it out in-store or online at Godfreys, or on the Tineco website