As someone who travels a hell of a lot, it might surprise you to hear that I’ve never actually had a flight delay or cancellation which resulted in me needing to stay at an airport hotel.

In fact, the only Airport Hotel I have stayed at is in Detroit and the view from my room of the terminal and all the planes at their gates was epic.

However, on a recent trip to New York city – or should I say my return home from New York City our flight was delayed due to weather and crew hours, so our flight was delayed until morning.

Having now seen what I’ve seen I’m not frustrated that the decision to delay the flight to morning was made at 12.45am not at 9pm because it meant I only got to experience the TWA Hotel at JFK for just 6 hours.

Now that I’ve seen it – I’ll be coming back!

With thanks to my good mate Derek who tweeted this suggestion in the midst of my flight dramas – otherwise I’d have never known it existed:

I called the hotel from the airport, they wouldn’t take a booking, so I grabbed the Airtrain from Terminal 4 over to Terminal 5. Following the signs to the TWA hotel I grabbed the elevator

Straight out of the doors on the upper level, I was transported back in time – to somewhere in the 1960’s.

TWA Memorabilia and historic collections surround all the walls and an amazing bridge from the modern terminal to the now historic building that was once the Trans World Flight Center grabs your attention

The red carpet is eye catching and so very 60’s.

Inside the actual historic terminal, the lines in the architecture are just devine.

A hotel Checkin desk is built to resemble the airline checkin counters, but with a high-tech very modern self-service approach for those with bookings.

I got the last room – the very last room for the night, with apologies to the many who must have missed out after me.

Walking through the hotel to the Hughes Wing and it’s just a sight for sore eyes

Everything making me feel like the building hasn’t changed since it opened, yet I’m sure much of it is brand new and for show.

Either side of a sunken lounge which is again primarily red – are the two hotel Wings. In the morning I realise these are two completely new, modern buildings built curved around the terminal access roads.

Multi-Level hotels, they are actually quite hard to find because another mesmerising walk through the red carpet tunnel bridges might have you missing the exit out to the hotel rooms themselves.

More red carpet leads you to your room, around the curved corridor.

And inside, a retro feel to a simple hotel room.

Attention to detail at every corner, from the phone

to the pencils

and the glasses for your drink.

While the electronic blinds come down with the push of a button and provide a complete block out, I put them right back up, because that building is just spectacular to look at.

In the morning, I took a trip to the pool deck. No, I’m not a swimmer, but as a plane spotting nerd, it promised something amazing.

The infinity pool and surrounding deck looks out over JFK’s runway 4L/22R.

I snuck out before the pool deck opened at 7am, and it as much as anything else made me want to come back!

Back in the Hotel “terminal” on my way to my morning flight, the architecture again just makes you stop and take photos.

Seriously, at every turn

And sitting outside the windows – a Lockheed Constellation L-1649 Starliner in TWA colours on a mock runway. Just sealing the deal for this location.

Walking back to Terminal 5 and the AirTrain I caught glimpses of the overall location to get a sense of the scale.

Clearly showing the two new hotel towers around the original terminal building.

The attention to detail inside sticks with me, right down to the branding in the hotel elevators.

New York, I’ll be back – TWA Hotel – I’ll be staying at least two nights – no matter what time my flight is.