Add this to the “if I win Lotto” files, but man, what you would give to have this TV.

LG have shown off their 8K technology a bit, and they already have some 8K models in market, but when you think TV and you think LG – let’s be honest we all think OLED.

So here it is, the LG 88 INCH OLED 8K TV!

Pictures do not do it justice. It’s a stunner from every angle, in any room.

This isn’t just the first 8K OLED TV, it’s the largest OLED TV ever.

Angus Jones from LG Australia said at the launch “Today we’re thrilled to offer a product that delivers the ultimate home entertainment experience available in Australia. The LG OLED 8K TV combines LG OLED display technology and 8K resolution for the best visual and true-to-life experience. On top of this, the TV will equip consumers for what’s to come with 8K content in the near future, such as 8K gaming consoles expected in 2020. 

“It’s more than just a TV with an increased number of pixels and perfect blacks, it also delivers all of the latest display technologies consumers would expect and want. The powerful Alpha 9 (α9) Gen 2 Processor uses Artificial Intelligence to upscale standard definition or 4K content for a realistic audio-visual experience, such as clear speech and skin tones. Meanwhile, compatible cinematic content can be amplified with Advanced HDR 10 with Technicolor, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos for an incredibly immersive setting.” 

If you wanna know where to get one – of course – Harvey Norman. David Ackery from Harvey’s seems excited for the launch “We’re excited to be the first retailer in the Australian market to sell this magnificent TV in October. It’s been amazing to watch the evolution of LG OLED TV through our stores since 2013. These TVs just keep getting more innovative and special year-on-year. 

“The LG OLED 8K TV is by far the most premium model we’ve seen. It’s packed with all the essentials we know consumers would love in their lounge rooms – the OLED display, 8K resolution, AI upscaling techniques, cinema technology integration, sound quality and sleek large screen design. All of these features and more will impress Australians for years to come.” 

The 2019 LG OLED 8K (model 88Z9) TV will be available from next month October at some Harvey Norman stores for just $59,999.