After their initial Australian launch earlier this year, mobile company Mintt has today announced a new concierge service that will deliver and set up a new mobile phone.

The service is being launched with a pilot program in Sydney and Melbourne, before the ‘white glove’ delivery and setup service goes nationwide next year.

All the phones in the Mintt range which includes five phones, a bluetooth speaker and ear buds, starts at just $179 and ranges up to $399, are available for the service with the delivery and setup being offered in partnership with fix2U.

For a $69 fee, ‘heroes’ (I have so many comments on this name) will deliver the phone of choice to the customer in 2 days, then setup, transfer photos, contacts, install apps and more, before running the customer through the features of the new handset.

Damian Ames, General Manager of Mintt (Australia) Pty Ltd said:
We’re launching with the pilot programme in Sydney and Melbourne and we will be expanding this super-flexible delivery and expert set-up service across Australia, helping as many customers as possible get the very most from their latest smartphone features. It’s all about convenience and providing excellent service. So Mintt customers can receive their great new Mintt smartphone of choice at a time and place that is most convenient to them. We also offer a full 2 Year Australian warranty, with all our smartphones having the required RCM certification and full ACMA compliance for use in Australia. We are a specialist technology company where price, value and service matter.”

If you’re thinking this is a great idea for Christmas, you’d be right, and Mintt are ready to offer you a personalised card and gift wrapping on top for an additional $4.95.

The range of phones on offer from Mintt is great, and the pricing is definitely very attractive. Adding on a nationwide setup and delivery service for $69 to help someone not particularly au fait with technology to learn about their new phone is great – especially for those of us who’ve had to talk a parent through downloading an app.

You can check out the Mintt range of mobiles over on their website now.