Google has been extremely vocal about bringing a high quality experience to entry level phones in developing markets, introducing Android Go Edition to achieve this in 2018. Google has today announced the latest update based on Android 10 and it’s due to arrive on phones soon.

Android 10 (Go Edition), is aimed at devices with low specs starting as low as 1.5GB of RAM. This latest version is faster and more reliable than the previous version, with Google saying this version will load apps 10% faster than Android 9 (Go Edition) in low power mode.

The latest Android Go includes some exciting security improvements with a new encryption tool called Adiantum which can secure your data on the device without affecting performance.

Google has been pro-active about developing apps for Android Go, introducing a ‘Go’ version of many popular apps including YouTube, the Google app, and developing new apps like Gallery Go and Files Go to handle every day tasks like managing the file system and checking your photo gallery.

In Australia we’ve seen phones running Android Go launched from Nokia and Alcatel. Google says that since the release of the first version of Android Go, over 500 manufacturers have launched more than 1,600 Android (Go edition) device models to 180+ countries including Australia.

Android 10 (Go Edition) will start hitting devices ‘this fall’ which is of course our Spring time, so expect to see handsets turning up soon.