In January this year, the studio backed online digital rights locker, Ultra-Violet, announced it would be shutting down at the end of July. At the time, users of the service were offered few options to migrate their libraries out, but now online video service Flixster has announced that users of their service can migrate their titles to Google Play for free.

Flixster has begun emailing their users about the impending shutdown of their service, which will take place on December 18th, 2019, and offering the option to migrate their video libraries.

The option to migrate your UltraViolet videos over to Google Play is a bit fiddly, requiring you to individually migrate movies to the service, and the downside is that not all movies are available.

To migrate your UltraViolet library you simply login to the Migrate My Collection link on the Flixster website, and then click the ‘Migrate’ button next to your movies.

Once the migrate button is clicked, you’ll be directed over to Google Play where you redeem a code for the movie to be added to your collection.

For the most part your films should be transferrable to Google Play, however not all of the movies in your UltraViolet film locker are available to transfer.

There’s no explanation as to why I can’t transfer these titles, they exist on Google Play, but there may be some rights issues in the back-end which we’re not privy to.

It’s not perfect, but it’s a good option if your online movie catalogue has been locked away. If you had any UltraViolet movies registered with Flixster, you should head over and migrate them now.