The date for the now annual Made by Google event hasn’t been announced as yet, but speculation is rife and we may just have a small clue thanks to a new Pixel 4 render from Evan Blass.

Evan, known by his Twitter handle @Evleaks, has shared a render of the Pixel 4 (well, a screen protector anyway) today which points to October 15th, likely October 16th here in Australia, being ‘the’ day for the announcement.

The October 15th date appears on the display of the render, a historically common tactic from smartphone makers to tease the date their phone is launched.

Google has previously held the Made by Google Event on October 4th for the original Pixel, as well as the Pixel 2, before mixing it up and announcing the Pixel 3 on October 9th. 

Whether the October 15th date holds water remains to be seen with invites to the event not yet being delivered to press outlets. 

Google has been ahead of the leak game for the most part this year, sharing a render of the Pixel 4, as well as details on a new Face Unlock, and wireless gesture controls thanks to their custom Soli Radar chip. However a number of leaks have still slipped through, including this shot of the Pixel 4 in Black and White from reddit.

We should know fairly shortly what Google’s plans are for their now annual hardware event. We’re expecting to see the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL phones at the event as well as possibly a new Pixelbook replacement, and some hopefully a couple of ‘and one more things’.

As soon as Google has anything to share, we will of course let you know the details.