It was just a few months ago when we celebrated 40 years of the iconic Walkman, the device that Sony brought to market that allowed us to take music with us.

Now, 40 years on, the latest NW-A100 series Walkman range has been announced, and it’s not just a smart walkman – it’s got the look.

The NW-A100 Series is an Android powered music player, think of it like a tiny smartphone but without the SIM card connectivity.

Touch-screen, Android apps, and Wifi Connectivity to make it all work.

As a music player, it’s cool – in Australia it will come in Black.

But drop everything, because the one you want is the NW-A100TPS Walkman – this device is the same in almost every way – except on the device printed on the back is a cool 40th Anniversary Logo, and in the box comes a specially designed soft case that pays homage to the original 1979 Cassette player.

It doesn’t end there – the device also has a nifty screensaver feature which shows an old-school cassette player with winding tape dials while music is playing.

The colour of the cassette in the screensaver varies depending on the type of music file being played, from mp3 to FLAC – really cool.

It’s likely to be in high demand, and will go on sale in Australia in December for $599.

The price isn’t about the anniversary, this device is for high-end audio.

It supports Hi-Res audio (DSD 11.2MHz/PCM Conversion) and many more.

Plus, as it’s android, you can just install your favourite music streaming app.

While there is of course a headphone jack, again – because it’s a smart device, this walkman will support your Bluetooth headphones too.

Spec wise, the display is 3.6 inches, it has USB-C for connectivity and charging, and the battery life should be up to 26 hours.

I put on some headphones last night and immersed myself in music – I loved it – exceptional quality, great sound.

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