There’s no holding them back, after creating the number 1 wireless camera brand in the world, Arlo is now expanding their range to merge two of their products and create a genuine competitor to the Ring Video Doorbell – the Arlo Video Doorbell

Arlo’s Audio doorbell was a big change for the market and Arlo – no video, and a VOIP call more direct to the home owners phone rather than being so very app-based as most doorbells are.

Taking that technology, and now pairing it with what they do best – video – allows Arlo to make a product that should be everything you need.

No pricing or date for Aussie availability, but at $149 in the US, it should hit town as a very competitive product.

The real key talking point will be the field of view – the camera has a very tall angle, so you can see head to toe the person standing at your door.

Its slim design has us thinking it will not be battery-powered, with talk of “existing mechanical or digital chime” as part of the installation and “continuous power”.

That will be a dealbreaker for many but spot-on for some.

Brad Little from Arlo says “Arlo Video Doorbell has been engineered to have advance alert and picture quality features in order to help homeowners identify and engage with visitors even before they knock on the door,”

“We went beyond industry standards to create a solution that ensures visitors are never missed, with a fuller vertical field-of-view users are able to see more from their front door.”

We’ll have more details and a full review once Australian pricing and availability is confirmed.