You know my thoughts on the death of George the Talking Clock – it’s an outrage and Telstra have their priorities all wrong.

Don’t click THERE – that’s just an image – the link is below

But I have great news. Great News.

Some savvy, young highly skilled internet developer has brought him back to life. We bow to your greatness “bassmonro”


Yep, an internet website on the World Wide Web, made to help you find the time, but not just know what time it is – hear that talented voice of George read you the time, with the beeps and all.

Telecom branding adorns the page, so it must be legit – I mean, it promotes their sponsorship of the Sydney 2000 Olympics!

God love you Internet Genius. God love you.

Now. At this time, I should point out that this version of George is simply reading out the time as it is right now on the device you use to visit the page.

So if your computer’s time is wrong, or your mobile phone time is wrong and that’s the device you visit the page on, George will read out the wrong time.

It’s really about nostalgia folks, and I respect that.