My phone beeped, and then beeped again, then as if I was pictured on the front page of the Tele in a wanted ad it just kept beeping.

Unstoppable frankly. Then I looked at it – Rick Astley is texting me?

Wait a minute.

Line after line, after line, after line.

Yep, the whole song, in individual text messages.

Here’s how it feels – in real time:

And then, it ended.

“Sent to you, Trevor, by one of your mates” – yeah, no. No mate would do that. Or would he?

Well, a quick check and the source was – for $3.50 I can text the chorus and verse to any mate. For $5 – the whole song. That’s something like 75 seconds worth of continuous text messaging – over a minute of Rick Astley songs.

Unlike a YouTube Rick-Roll – you can’t stop this, It’s “never gunna give you up” until the delivery is over.

Oh yes, the ultimate 2019 Rick Roll folks.

Hit up a mate, for a laugh:)


Web: PS: I got to the bottom of it, Howie, you’re a dead man. Luke – you’re a genius.