Hyundai show off the Veloster Grappler!

As far as car names go this is one of the best. Hyundai will unveil the Veloster “Grappler”, an all-terrain concept car at the 2019 SEMA show in Las Vegas.

The Grappler clearly is a lifted Veloster and the more I look at it, well let’s just say it floats my boat.

The custom front and rear brush guards give the Grappler a super tough look. In fact it would scare the paint off your garage wall. 

Those massive oversized all-terrain tyres look like they could tackle the lunar surface. 

There is a Borla cat-back exhaust to add some bark we’re told. 

You’ll note the roof rack by Thule and more lights than a freight train by Baja Designs.

That basket also holds a removable solar panel that powers an all-electric portable power station mounted inside the cabin for remote journeys. 

The vinyl body wrap features a ghosted Hyundai-themed livery. A Seibon carbon-fibre bonnet competes the exterior package.

Inside is an integrated roll cage that also has mounts for a full-size spare wheel and tyre.

There are special traction mats, a utility shovel, the Goal Zero portable power station, roadside assistance kit, first aid kit, Napier outdoor dome tent, Scosche Mounts, Goal Zero crush lights and premium Recaro seats.


Hyundai show off the Veloster Grappler!
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