Those many hundreds of thousands of people who use a Telstra TV for their big-screen entertainment can now add a few million songs to their library with Spotify coming to Telstra TV.

The Spotify app on Telstra TV expands what’s available from the many streaming services, catch up TV and Live TV into Music.

Forget hundreds of thousands, there are 1.4 million homes with a Telstra TV so this is a big deal for Telstra, and for Spotify as Karen lawson from Spotify knows “We are incredibly excited to be introducing the Spotify service to Telstra TV customers, enabling the ease and convenience of streaming our huge collection of music and podcast content, from their TVs. The addition of Spotify delivers yet another experience to discover and rediscover great audio content, and we look forward to bringing this to more Australian audiences with Telstra,”

It works with free Spotify accounts and Premium, just be ready for the ads if you’re going free with Spotify.

It’s all available now to download to Telstra TV and sign up for new accounts can also be done directly on the Telstra TV device.