When it comes to a smart phone it seems to me the major selling point these days is the quality of the camera. There are some cracker examples like the Huawei P30 PRO, that via a 50x zoom can fair dinkum almost see Pluto, let alone the moon.   

But ultimately there’s always going to be some kind of limitation to what your camera can do, as opposed to a proper DSLR camera. Or you may simply have an older phone such as an iPhone 7 or 8 that can’t match the latest and greatest Apple arrivals. 

But thanks to universal snap on lenses from Black Eye’s new Pro G4 range, you won’t believe what’s possible. Firstly, there’s a Pro Cinema Wide G4 lens that gives the camera a 120-degree angle of view. I’ve used my iPhone XS Max as an example for all of the following shots of the EFTM loungeroom. Think of the uses for that! Wide scenic shots, family group shots and better still as you can see, there’s no distortion at the edges.

Normal iPhone XS MAX picture
Same angle with the Pro Cinema Wide G4 lens attached

The Pro Portrait Tele G4 lens zooms in 2.5x times closer to the subject. Although we did find it confused the iPhone XS MAX bottom zoom lens software, leading to just a black picture. So, don’t think you can double the claimed 2.5x, at least with that phone. But basically, it gives you the equivalent of 60mm focal length. 

Normal iPhone XS MAX picture
Same angle with the Pro Portrait Tele G4 lens attached

The Pro Fisheye G4 is a perfect for action sports, shots of parties or even selfies. It really amplifies the foreground while still showcasing a very wide area of the background.

Normal iPhone XS MAX picture
Same angle with the Pro Fisheye G4 lens attached

As for the Black Eye lenses themselves, they’re encased in an aluminium frame and made from highly polished glass covered by a triple layer of protective coating. Clips attach the lens to the phone, there’s a bit of fiddling around to find the perfect position but you’ll soon nail it.

They also have universal compatibility plus can be used on tablets and laptops. 

Now to the price, you can purchase each lens separately for $129.95. Or all three for $369.95 as part of a Pro kit that comes with a carry case.

For more information head to blackeyelens.com.