Ever wanted to take a car onto snow and go absolutely nuts? Well now you kind of can, in a Volkswagen Golf R and Amarok 580 Ultimate, all without leaving the house let alone country.

In New Zealand exists the Southern Hemisphere Proving Ground (SHPG). It has been the home of some epic film shoots wih stunt drivers doing some crazy stuff.

But now using high definition 360-degree cameras. Volkswagen Australia has introduced as part of its new ‘Feel The Drive” branding a virtual experience for all. A video has been produced to showcase its 4MOTION AWD technology at the SHPG summit.

MAXART helped with the AR and VR side of things via state-of-the-art, high-definition 360-degree cameras.

Volkswagen PR and brand experience manager, Kurt McGuiness, explained the significance of the videos.

“It’s a constant challenge to find new ways to interact with fans and customers and bring our ‘better experienced than explained’ mantra to life. But how do you that en-masse with all of Volkswagen’s millions of fans? We believe that VR holds the answer,”

“Volkswagen has long prided itself on producing engaging, cinematic content in-house using real people and our cars as the heroes. These videos blend the high-calibre, blockbuster-style storytelling that we’re known for with the latest in immersive technology to open up a whole new dimension of the World of Volkswagen. While we can’t get all of our fans on the plane with us to New Zealand, thanks to collaborators QUBE Productions, MAXART and Google Australia, we can give them the next best thing.”he continued.  

Check it out!