This time last year I’d had a new Satellite dish installed, cables run from my roof and a new IQ4 set-top box setup in the Loungeroom and the Man Cave for what was set to be an epic weekend – The Bathurst 1000 in 4K.

Fortunately for me, I’m going to the race this year – if you’re not, and you’re like me with a 4K TV and 4K Foxtel Box – you’re not getting the 4K experience I’m sorry.

You could take this as a sign that 4K hasn’t lasted a year – that the very sporting event which Foxtel used to launch its 4K channel isn’t going to be broadcast in 4K just one year later? Not a good look!

But in fact, the reality is, it’s a sign of how scarce 4K resources are in the Broadcast world, and a sign of Fox Sports’ enormous sporting portfolio.

Just a quick look at the schedule and we’ve still got the Rugby World Cup on, which – while it’s been given it’s own channel in 4K is still using up camera and broadcast technology.

Likewise, the Cricket all kicks off in just over a week, so if any of that is going to be in 4K, there’s a chance it’s just too soon to get the gear back from Bathurst and ready to go.

Of course, I could be speculating in Foxtel’s defence here, and truth could be that it’s just all too hard and not that popular to broadcast Bathurst in 4K. I doubt that, Foxtel is the only broadcast platform capable of expanding it’s 4K coverage – strikes me this is just poor timing for everyone.

Particularly those rev heads who rushed out to have 4K Foxtel installed last year 🤔