Aussie app development guns Hipster Whale are back with a new spin on their enormously successful game Crossy Road.

This time, it’s an exclusive – Crossy Road Castle won’t be appearing on any Android devices folks, no no, this one is coming to Apple Arcade subscribers only.

It’s a demonstration of just how Apple is playing this one – the Arcade is for exclusive games, games you can’t find anywhere else – and games you can’t buy on their own.

In Crossy Road Castle you aren’t crossing the road jumping rivers and avoiding trains.

Instead you’re climbing tall castles, clearing room after room to go around and then up the building.

Other than the “style” of graphics, there’s very little to resemble Crossy Road frankly – oh, the Chook is a dead giveaway too.

And the great news, Multi-player. Use 4 controllers (yep, hook up those Xbox and Playstation controllers) and you can all play together.

Great fun, no word on exact date other than “later this year” – so, no better time to jump in and grab your first taste of Apple Arcade huh!