We’ve reviewed a whole lot of wireless headsets here at EFTM. Each one claiming to be lighter, sound better or otherwise just look cooler than their competitors. However at the end of the day all we can do is tell you about the different types on the market, for you to determine which best meets your needs. And let me go right ahead and tell you.. The RIG 700HD wireless gaming headset will meet a whole lot of your needs…

I’ll start with the most exciting feature first – this device is INCREDIBLY difficult to break. I don’t know about you, but I’ve broken at least three gaming headsets. I’m not sure how… I’m not sure why… but it’s the case. Which is why this feature is so exciting to me – the RIG 700HD has two “defence mechanisms” if you will. As displayed in the image below, the headband will comfortably bend to unbelievable angles;

Which is phenomenal for those a little heavy handed. This ‘bend-ability’ also serves as a peace of mind when travelling – you’re safe in the knowledge that the band will remain intact at the bottom of a backpack or suitcase.

The other safeguard the RIG 700HD has employed is this modular, tab based approach to attaching the headset cups;

These tabs “pop-out” when too much pressure is applied at the wrong angle – which is to say that if you were to step on them, as opposed to crumbling under the weight, they’ll spring apart and avoid permanent damage.

For mine, that’s some of the best headset design I’ve ever seen. While it does slightly limit the size adjustable by only providing you three options, the benefit far outweighs the cost.

Into some more technical features, the RIG 700HD wireless headset has a solid 12-hour battery life capable of sustaining an extensive gaming session. There’s nothing worse than a wireless headset that dies after three to four hours of gaming, because let’s be honest, sometimes you just need a good binge.

RIG have positioned the volume controls, microphone mute and game/chat balance dials conveniently along the left ear cup. While the volume and microphone mute are ergonomic and handy, I couldn’t find a proper use for the game/chat balance. As a PC gamer, I find myself regularly adjusting sound settings to suit the game and people that I’m playing with – while I was hopeful that the game/chat dial would be of assistance, it didn’t seem to work as planned on my PC. It sits here;

A feature that I absolutely cannot get enough of in gaming headsets is the microphone feedback. For those out of the loop, this is a very gentle feedback loop of your own voice in your ears. It allows you to hear how you’re coming across to those you’re talking to and to identify whether anything is going wrong (such as breathing heavily into the microphone or distorted voice).

The RIG 700’s microphone is removable and sits low on the bottom left hand side of the device. It’s quite adjustable, allowing for a wide range of angles and distances to communicate from.

I was incredibly impressed by the wireless range of the headset. RIG claim it works up to 30 feet, and while I didn’t line up a measuring tape, I was able to freely travel around my house without any dropouts or static glitches – a feat I’ve scarcely been able to achieve with other devices.

Ultimately, the RIG 700HD (also available as the 700HX and 700HS for XBOX and PS4 respectively) is a magnificent headset – light, durable and well worth the $199 price-tag.