Ring changed the doorbell as we know it, allowing home owners to answer a knock on the door anywhere in the world via a live video stream on their smart phone. But the company also makes an array of surveillance cameras and even lights. But for this review I’m taking a look at the recently launched Stick Up Cam Battery model, which is probably one of the most versatile cameras I’ve used.

The Ring Stick Up Cam can be used indoors or outside and requires no hub. It uses the existing Ring app and connects to your Wi-Fi network. The camera runs off a rechargeable battery pack and has the option to be constantly powered via a solar panel sold separately. 

It records captured video in full 1080p HD quality, plus has two-way talk capability, night vision and motion activated notifications. But the most impressive aspect of the camera is the numerous ways it can be mounted. 

Ring Stick Up Battery vision at midday

Inside the box is a tool kit that includes a mounting bracket that allows the device to be securely placed in just about any position. You may choose to have it free-standing inside or mounted upside down under an eve outside as I’ve done. In that instance you’re able to twist the camera around via the adjustable stand connected to the mounting plate. 

Ring Stick Up Cam Battery night vision

The base is also securely covered by a plate that uses a screw that requires Ring’s special tool to unlock. Ring products support smart connectivity via Amazon’s Alexa, so you could call up the video stream on a Amazon Show or Spot device for example.

When it comes to actually keeping an eye on things you can elect to go with the Ring Protect Plan that will save videos for up to 60 days. However, there is an initial 30-day free period. This basic plan will set you back $4 a month. 

The second tier, Ring Protect Plus, adds unlimited Ring Doorbells and Cameras and comes with 24/7 professional cellular backup for Ring Alarm, all this comes in at $15 a month.

This is not a cheap camera at $319.00 but you need to take into account a few things. No hub is required, it’s rechargeable and it’s the most versatile camera we’ve found when it comes to actually mounting it.