From updating the background image, to changing text and a whole lot in between; the Rplate is a device you never anticipated needing or wanting. Using the same e-ink technology found in the Kindle, this neat bit of kit is capable of being updated remotely through an app! Now you can’t actually change your rego number, but the rest of the plate is up for grabs – it will do the banner lines above and below, background image, font colour and shades behind the plate.

But wait, there’s more! The company behind the plate, Reviver are a lot more interested in the functionality they’re able to include in a ‘connected’ license plate rather than groovy little customizations. Their vision is to have the plate used as a tag for toll roads, automatically re-register your car and a range of security features.

Through their app, Rconnect you’re able to access data such as the current location of your car, directions to get to it as well as historical GPS data and mileage tracking. It’s the type of all-in-one product that gives you a whole lot more functionality, with no intrusion as you already have to have a license plate.

The Reviver team are looking to extend the functionality in the near future to include emoji’s, emergency alerts and to be used as the payment method at parking facilities.

The only barrier preventing them from moving globally is that each state of each country has their own set of traffic rules and regulations that create additional hoops to jump through.

Rplate is conceptually a phenomenal product that’s proving to be a success in the US, we can only hope to see them on our shores sometime in 2020.