I hate marketing spin, the way some things are pitched to us or explained is just sometimes mind-numbing. So it would be easy to bag Hyundai’s new advertising campaign. With phrases like;

“Facilitating human progress has been Hyundai Motor Company’s underlying philosophy since its very inception.”

“The company’s vision for enabling progress for humanity is artfully captured in a new global brand campaign, #BecauseofYou.”

“The five films highlight Hyundai Motor’s new aspiration for its brand — spurring real-life connections between people and offering them qualitative experiences through its advanced mobility solutions, including autonomous, fuel-cell electric, micro and robotics mobility solutions.”

But in actual fact the ads are exceptional in my mind.

Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Hyundai Motor Company “As a brand offering diverse mobility services beyond the transportation sector, Hyundai Motor has captured into these films its passion for offering valuable time to its customers,”

“Going forward, Hyundai Motor will continue to communicate its vision of prioritising progress for humanity, and help make real-life connections and deliver meaningful experiences for our customers.”

Watch the four films by clicking here. Enjoy!